Monday, 21 April 2008

Search For The Christmas Spirit Part 2

Welcome to the introduction page for Search For The Christmas Spirit Part 2!
The story follows on exactly where the first one finished off....*spoiler warning if you care* With Mario and Masterchief loosing a battle against a set of SnowFlans, with MasterChief holding a checkpoint. Well Part 2 has completely upgraded graphics and every character will be redesigned(all 2 of them).
Also , SFTCS 2 will introduce multiple new characters , to name one would be a crime!
Truthfully , they will be named as they have been drawn xD
But i can officially announce 3 things that WILL NOT happen:

- David Hasselhoff having a speaking role
- The Christmas Spirit being seen
- Me Creating create a non-videogame induced charachter

And now 3 things that WILL happen:

- A Mario Kart Chase
- Someone will get Splazer'd
-Gary Numan 'Cars' will make an appearance

<-----Test Warthog Scene without updated MasterChief and Mario. Now I know the screenshots seem most un-awesome compared to the MC screenie in my last update , but thats because the above scenes were created before and need to be updated. So to please you here is an almost completed Awesome Cheif:
I will probably have this model done during this week and begin work on the warthog IN 5 ANGLES! yes , each character or mobile object will have at least 4 different views , this shows how much work is going in to the second part , And ive already got a fun idea for a preloader. Summer Dashboard Update anyone :)

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Hoeloe said...

Just make sure MC has bigger hands this time.