Monday, 21 April 2008

Crash Flash Bandicoot: RotMC

Crash Flash Bandicoot: The Return of the Master Crystal. Sounds epic, no? Yes. Yes it does. God I'm tempted to put Mudkips in this post...

Anyway, this is one if the best, certaintly the biggest, flash fangame ever to be made properly. Crash Bandicoot fans everywhere will rejoice. Actually, I think they already are... oh well :P

Just to start everything going, here are some awesome screenshots!

Level 07

Level 16

This game will feature 30 unique levels, will only the occasional copied theme. Hopefully this will allow for more excitement and variety while playing the game. There will be 5 regular powers, as well as several hidden ones on the side, this will of course increase the challenge. Death routes, gems, 100% completion bonus, all of this will feature in this awesome game. There will of course be vehicles to control in certain levels, and also some new characters will feature. In fact, we wanted to put so much into this game that we really didn't have enough room for it! We could almost make two with the number of ideas we had! But no, two versions of the same game would be stupid :P.

Anywho, this is an introduction to the updates blog for Crash Flash. Be sure to look out for updates and of course, the final game!

Oh wait, I almost forgot! Demo's! This is the really old one:

..and here is the demo of level 07:



JumpButton said...

If you were so tempted, why did you not put them in the post? I would have enjoyed it.

Hoeloe said...

Because the last time I did, it didn't go down too well :P

duck867 said...

any updates to be had? or more demos to play? i have the itch to crash, but i've beaten the demos out so far.