Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Christmas Spirit Sequel Wait

Check it out we got a blog, Well I told Karolis that I woudn't post on here for a few days, but you know what I'll kick start the spree of new upcoming posts (hopefully) with an update for SFTS2. Yes it will happen, and if you haven't seen number one, you aught to, but take in mind numero 2 will have ultimate graphical difference.

Well the sequel basicly has the plot rewritten and almost finished (for the like 5th time)

And heres a preview on how sexy the new mastercheif model is going to be:

MC is gonna have many different angles created, and what you see to the left is just one scene from the movie. (unfortuatly the picture to the left i forgot to symbolise so i cant really use it again :( , but il still use it)
So theres the update, and also one other thing, Mario has a new voice actor ...and his name is... TARONUKE! , and also Christmas spirit is completely being run by me, no more waiting on LordCurtimo ( hes 18 now and moving on ) So the only person that will have any talk in what happens is infact Taro.
so theres an epic first post for you, hopefully Taro will give us all an update on SUPER NUKE BROS MELEE soon, I'm really looking forward to it :)

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