Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Rock Legend

Work with Rock Legend continues, but it is slowed down by my upcoming exams. We have the whole summer ahead of us, so after my exams, I'll try to work faster.

Anyways, I have finished animations for most characters. I still need to draw and animate the singer. When I'm finished with all bug fixes and visual stuff, Hoeloe will start noting songs.

I guess thats all for now. Oh, and here's a little teaser:

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Search For The Christmas Spirit Part 2 Update 3

Got a bit of a sexy update today , showing off new background effects , new snow effects , all this thanks to both TaroNuke and Korolis Cheers to both of you , you have made CS2 what it is going to be :)

As you can see the logo hasnt changed that , just a simple colour change switch (but no one has to know that xD)
The backgrounds now use a style ive never used before , paper , which ive got to say looks attractive when mixed with effects as the sun.
Recently (as in an hour ago) i have been messing around with the snow scripting and made it
less large and more thin , i have also worked out how to change the speed , which if i ever need a blizzard im sorted , just maybe an angle change will be needed. This is the first time ive ever used script for animating
Also new is that , if you havn't noticed , im going for the widescreen look , which ive always found attractive if done right , and hopefully will , i went through alot of trouble to stop the snow going above the border so i asked Taro and he answered my question in a matter of seceonds (clever bastard) lmao!
well thats the end , wont be much mor work going into CS2 for the next few weeks as my GCSE exams have just begun.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Cloud Jumper

Oh how much fun!!

This game did fairly well on Newgrounds,
as it provided the masses with simple
yet addictive fun.

Powerups included "M" which makes clouds
metal so that they do not fade,
"E" which gives you an extra jump
and "S" which slows the clouds down.

Graphics were by a friend (Perry), and the coding
was by TaroNuke.

If you collected all 5 coins, you unlocked the
special character, Taron, who has a mixture
of stats.

The game earned front page on,
and has so far earned the Nuke Bros. $47.

Play it here:

Ant and Chad episode 2: Part 1

Well, we released it, and it got daily 10th, which earned us a mention on P-bots post on frontpage, which wasn't too bad, i reckon if we go by this, we'll win epically:

Ep.1: Not really close to a daily award
Ep. 2 P1: Daily 10th
Ep.2 P2: Theroetically, we could nail a low daily award!

so yeah, here's the link, go watch it, vote 5 and leave a reveiw...

Friday, 2 May 2008

Sentry Fortress

Hey everyone, Mini Fortress is being changed into Sentry Fortress. You will play as the Engineer in CP style maps and will have to defend your point from the enemy team. Here's a screenshot of the new menu, revealing some of the enemies you will face:

Thats all for now, I'll go code some stuff now. Cheers.