Saturday, 26 April 2008

Search For The Christmas Spirit Part 2 Update 2

Okay this is an update of very few words , but screenshots that give a very clear indication of what the graphics will be like, and also my first ever in-animation action script. Because in my words 'fuck that , im not tweening all of them' , the objects i speak of are...SNOW! yes Christmas Spirit 2 , will have snow!
Also ,i have a little comparison for you , the original from part one , and the new model from part 2 , which annoyingly is above!
Take in mind that the new masterchief model is not the only one of its kind , i will be making many more angles of him , I am yet to make the new Mario yet though :/

INcase anybody wanted to know Christmas Spirit 2 , has been in the works since the end of Spirit 1 , but has been delayed many times , and i think now this is finally it , its going to be made :D

But there you go , a nice little update , and also if i work out how to put flash on here il show you the moving warthog its fair sexy

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