Saturday, 26 April 2008

Search For The Christmas Spirit Part 2 Update 2

Okay this is an update of very few words , but screenshots that give a very clear indication of what the graphics will be like, and also my first ever in-animation action script. Because in my words 'fuck that , im not tweening all of them' , the objects i speak of are...SNOW! yes Christmas Spirit 2 , will have snow!
Also ,i have a little comparison for you , the original from part one , and the new model from part 2 , which annoyingly is above!
Take in mind that the new masterchief model is not the only one of its kind , i will be making many more angles of him , I am yet to make the new Mario yet though :/

INcase anybody wanted to know Christmas Spirit 2 , has been in the works since the end of Spirit 1 , but has been delayed many times , and i think now this is finally it , its going to be made :D

But there you go , a nice little update , and also if i work out how to put flash on here il show you the moving warthog its fair sexy

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Rock Legend

Rock Legend is a tribute to Guitar Hero. More than 15 songs from your favorite bands. From classic rock to Thrash metal. Rock Legend has it all (The game is 100% POP free :O)!
Begin your career from a garage band and make your way to the top. Choosable players and guitars. You'll definitley find the style you're looking for. Rock Legend has all the features you enjoyed in GH. Starpower, Note Streaks and even boss fights! Yup. Guitar battles will be available in RL.

An early screenshot (no background and other players)

The art style of Rock Legend is heavily inspired by the cutscene art seen in GHIII. The basics of gameplay will be the same as GH's.

  • Star Power and note Streaks!
  • Over 6 guitars and 4 players to choose from!
  • 3 epic boss fights!
  • Over 15 songs to choose from!
  • More to come...
Thats all I wanted to show for now. Check the blog from time to time for more updates!

Mini Fortress

Mini Fortress is a collection of mini games inspired by Team Fortress 2. The number of mini games have yet to be decided. The confirmed ones are: Sentry Defence and Spy Check.
In Sentry Defence, you play as an Engineer and have to hold the point for as long as you can. Enemies attack in waves, starting from small and weak to strong and big. In the Spy Check mini game, you play as the Pyro and have to find the spy in your team before the time runs out.

Main menu of Mini fortress

The game will feature the same stylistic aproach as seen in Team Fortress 2. The gameplay of differs for every mini game, but all classes will remain close to the ones seen in Team Fortress 2. For instance, the Engineer won't be able to upgrade his sentry and does not have his pistol.

Enginner in Action!

I expect this game to be finished within the 2 upcoming weeks. Visit the blog for updates on Mini Fortress.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Search For The Christmas Spirit Part 2

Welcome to the introduction page for Search For The Christmas Spirit Part 2!
The story follows on exactly where the first one finished off....*spoiler warning if you care* With Mario and Masterchief loosing a battle against a set of SnowFlans, with MasterChief holding a checkpoint. Well Part 2 has completely upgraded graphics and every character will be redesigned(all 2 of them).
Also , SFTCS 2 will introduce multiple new characters , to name one would be a crime!
Truthfully , they will be named as they have been drawn xD
But i can officially announce 3 things that WILL NOT happen:

- David Hasselhoff having a speaking role
- The Christmas Spirit being seen
- Me Creating create a non-videogame induced charachter

And now 3 things that WILL happen:

- A Mario Kart Chase
- Someone will get Splazer'd
-Gary Numan 'Cars' will make an appearance

<-----Test Warthog Scene without updated MasterChief and Mario. Now I know the screenshots seem most un-awesome compared to the MC screenie in my last update , but thats because the above scenes were created before and need to be updated. So to please you here is an almost completed Awesome Cheif:
I will probably have this model done during this week and begin work on the warthog IN 5 ANGLES! yes , each character or mobile object will have at least 4 different views , this shows how much work is going in to the second part , And ive already got a fun idea for a preloader. Summer Dashboard Update anyone :)

Crash Flash Bandicoot: RotMC

Crash Flash Bandicoot: The Return of the Master Crystal. Sounds epic, no? Yes. Yes it does. God I'm tempted to put Mudkips in this post...

Anyway, this is one if the best, certaintly the biggest, flash fangame ever to be made properly. Crash Bandicoot fans everywhere will rejoice. Actually, I think they already are... oh well :P

Just to start everything going, here are some awesome screenshots!

Level 07

Level 16

This game will feature 30 unique levels, will only the occasional copied theme. Hopefully this will allow for more excitement and variety while playing the game. There will be 5 regular powers, as well as several hidden ones on the side, this will of course increase the challenge. Death routes, gems, 100% completion bonus, all of this will feature in this awesome game. There will of course be vehicles to control in certain levels, and also some new characters will feature. In fact, we wanted to put so much into this game that we really didn't have enough room for it! We could almost make two with the number of ideas we had! But no, two versions of the same game would be stupid :P.

Anywho, this is an introduction to the updates blog for Crash Flash. Be sure to look out for updates and of course, the final game!

Oh wait, I almost forgot! Demo's! This is the really old one:

..and here is the demo of level 07:


Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Christmas Spirit Sequel Wait

Check it out we got a blog, Well I told Karolis that I woudn't post on here for a few days, but you know what I'll kick start the spree of new upcoming posts (hopefully) with an update for SFTS2. Yes it will happen, and if you haven't seen number one, you aught to, but take in mind numero 2 will have ultimate graphical difference.

Well the sequel basicly has the plot rewritten and almost finished (for the like 5th time)

And heres a preview on how sexy the new mastercheif model is going to be:

MC is gonna have many different angles created, and what you see to the left is just one scene from the movie. (unfortuatly the picture to the left i forgot to symbolise so i cant really use it again :( , but il still use it)
So theres the update, and also one other thing, Mario has a new voice actor ...and his name is... TARONUKE! , and also Christmas spirit is completely being run by me, no more waiting on LordCurtimo ( hes 18 now and moving on ) So the only person that will have any talk in what happens is infact Taro.
so theres an epic first post for you, hopefully Taro will give us all an update on SUPER NUKE BROS MELEE soon, I'm really looking forward to it :)