Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Mini Fortress

Mini Fortress is a collection of mini games inspired by Team Fortress 2. The number of mini games have yet to be decided. The confirmed ones are: Sentry Defence and Spy Check.
In Sentry Defence, you play as an Engineer and have to hold the point for as long as you can. Enemies attack in waves, starting from small and weak to strong and big. In the Spy Check mini game, you play as the Pyro and have to find the spy in your team before the time runs out.

Main menu of Mini fortress

The game will feature the same stylistic aproach as seen in Team Fortress 2. The gameplay of differs for every mini game, but all classes will remain close to the ones seen in Team Fortress 2. For instance, the Engineer won't be able to upgrade his sentry and does not have his pistol.

Enginner in Action!

I expect this game to be finished within the 2 upcoming weeks. Visit the blog for updates on Mini Fortress.

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