Saturday, 17 May 2008

Search For The Christmas Spirit Part 2 Update 3

Got a bit of a sexy update today , showing off new background effects , new snow effects , all this thanks to both TaroNuke and Korolis Cheers to both of you , you have made CS2 what it is going to be :)

As you can see the logo hasnt changed that , just a simple colour change switch (but no one has to know that xD)
The backgrounds now use a style ive never used before , paper , which ive got to say looks attractive when mixed with effects as the sun.
Recently (as in an hour ago) i have been messing around with the snow scripting and made it
less large and more thin , i have also worked out how to change the speed , which if i ever need a blizzard im sorted , just maybe an angle change will be needed. This is the first time ive ever used script for animating
Also new is that , if you havn't noticed , im going for the widescreen look , which ive always found attractive if done right , and hopefully will , i went through alot of trouble to stop the snow going above the border so i asked Taro and he answered my question in a matter of seceonds (clever bastard) lmao!
well thats the end , wont be much mor work going into CS2 for the next few weeks as my GCSE exams have just begun.
Wish me luck!

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